Transport to and from Turkey

SmartWay Freight Xchange has been a reliable transporter to and from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and other CIS countries for more than forty years.

In order to offer transports to Turkey we hire permanent Turkish partner transporters. Your contact person at our service office in Utrecht speaks Turkish and can advise you and assist the transports to Turkey from Utrecht. The employees of SmartWay Freight Xchange do not only arrange the logistics, but also all customs and other formalities and know about the local legislation and regulations. Van der Wal Transport only carries out transports for companies (not for private parties).

Weekly transport to Turkey

Every week we can offer both groupage transport and complete loads in cooperation with our Turkish transporters to various destinations in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Halkali, Ankara, Izmir and Gebze. The transport to Turkey can be carried out via the land route across the Balkan as well as by ferry from Trieste in Italy.

Destinations in Turkey

Below we show a summary of transport destinations. Other destinations in Turkey can be provided upon request.

  • Halkali - Gebze
  • Kocaeli - Trabzon
  • Istanbul - Izmir
  • Adana - Bursa
  • Eronkoy - Mersin
  • Ankara - Denizli

Transit time to Turkey

In order to transport your goods our partner transporters from Turkey are on the road on average between 6 and 10 days, depending on the destination in Turkey and whether it concerns groupage transport or a complete load. The maximum loading weight of your transport to Turkey is 21 tons, including the packaging and pallet.

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